Thursday, March 2, 2017

Khan Academy Response

After reviewing the Khan Academy it wasn't really what I envisioned. I thought it would be more fun or something that would catch a younger child's attention. I would have not used this during my younger years. I would need more interaction with a human being to receive a better understanding of what I was learning. I believe it is a good website to refer back to when they need the extra help outside of the classroom. That's the only thing I would recommend its use for the students. The videos weren't bad and speak to the children or students on a good level but they could be more descriptive to help the children understand better. I believe we will start to rely on the credentials of online courses, I don't agree that is the best thing for all students though. Students need to have that in class time to absorb the things the can't behind a computer screen. Taking online courses can be more convenient at times but for some students though they are willing to take that extra time to put in the time for in class because it helps them connect and learn better. Sometimes to some students words can be hard to process or understand what is being said so that's when I believe being in class can help students get that better understanding.

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