Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ohio DL Schools

Out of the five DL options I would choose the Connections Academy. I would choose this one for my child because of how much it offers students. What is offered at Connections Academy is that includes personalized/individualized attention and connections which is good for students who need the one on one or who just need more attention. Their technology is also easy to use which is very beneficial to those who are not use to more complex technology. There are online sessions every week to keep students up to date. Connections Academy also provide chances for in person gatherings/meetings for students who learn better in a classroom environment. Last but not least it does keep the socialization going for students because that is also important to one's daily intakes along with the important knowledge.

Out of the five DL options I would not choose ECOT. Although many have graduated from ECOT I feel it has less connections with the students. It is a type of schooling where you memorize the information, take your tests, and move on. How much are the students really learning and benefiting from that? There is less interactions with the students and doesn't provide as much for the students needs as Connections Academy. I feel ECOT is more strictly online and doesn't allow students much room to have access to other things to make them smarter and to learn more.

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